Boy, there sure is a lot I could write about politics these days.  Here's what's eating me today:  Why are US Senators like Obama, Clinton & McCain out spending all their time raising money and campaigning for an election that's two years away, instead of doing the jobs they were elected to do?  How can we vote for anyone who obviously has no respect for the position they've already been elected to?  If being a Senator is only good as a stepping stool for their future plans, then lets kick these people to the curb and elect someone who can and will do what we elect them to do.

  Also, concerning the last major election: the only thing anyone ever talked about was the power shifting from Republican to Democrat.  Nobody said a thing about what anyone was going to do to save our country from going down the pooper, just about the shift in power from one self-serving party to the other.  Two-party politics in our country is a JOKE.  That's why I resigned from the Republican party.  I'm now a registered independant.  I don't think I will vote for a Republican or Democrat ever again, since I believe their constant bickering and money/power-grubbing is killing our political system.  I might make an exception for Mitt Romney, mostly just because of his ties to Utah and Mormons, but I think he would be a good president.  At least he didn't start running for president until after he finished his job as governor.  That's something to be said for him.
  Ah, politics.  It's enough to make you chew your own foot off.

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  1. I couldn't agree more Mike! The funny thing about Romney is that out of all the republican candidates he's the only one who has only had one wife.I registered as independent as well. I don't like being a given to any party. I wish everyone would register independent. The candidates would have to start listening to the people rather than just saying "Utah's in the bag. Don't have to pay attention to anyone there!"

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