BYU Alternative Commencement

I recently heard that a bunch of people at BYU are protesting the fact that Vice President Cheney is coming to speak at the BYU commencement.  They're even going as far as to hold their own 'Alternative Commencement' with their own speaker (Ralph Nader).  What a bunch of jerks.  This just epitomizes what's wrong with our two-party political system in America.

Personally I think Dick Cheney is not a very great vice president and he's part of an administration that I strongly disagree with.  But he's still the vice president of the United States.  What an honor for him to come and speak at our local University.  I think he deserves to have our respect and thanks for coming to speak at the commencement, regardless of whether we agree with his politics.  The fact that students at BYU, a Christian University, would be rude enough to do this to one of our nation's top leaders is pretty weak, to say the least.
Do people really think they need to protest someone's visit just because he's a Republican and they're a Democrat?  How about a little respect and common courtesy, something neither the Democratic nor Republican party seems to possess?

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Rocky Balblowa

We just recently watched the latest Rocky movie.  Man, did that thing suck.  What ever happened to good movies that had a point to them?
Speaking of good old movies, Karli and I agreed that we're going to name our next man-child Jake Elwood Hurren.  Well, Karli didn't actually agree, but I think it will grow on her.

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