Let’s pick. Cancer or Iraq.

So I just read my friend Jarem's blog.  He's doing a ride this summer to help raise money to fight cancer.  He himself is a cancer survivor, though it took his leg as a teenager.  According to his blog post, cancer kills as many people every 2 days as were lost in the terrorist attacks of 9/11.  I haven't checked these numbers, but even if they are remotely close to correct, that really puts some things into perspective.
Right now in the US Legislature they are debating how many Hundreds Of Billions Of Dollars to give President Bush to fight his war in Iraq.  This is in addition to the money already in the budget for the Department of Defense, which is already astronomical.  Does anybody ever wonder what could be done with this much money if it was funneled into constructive goals instead of destructive?  We could cure the sick, feed the hungry, house the homeless, provide more money for education or public safety to enrich the lives and futures of everyone.  Maybe we could even solve our energy crisis by developing renewable energy technology and infrastructure, and then we wouldn't need to be meddling in the Middle East's affairs because we wouldn't need their lousy oil.
If anybody agrees with me about this, then you can do two things about it:  1) Write your law-makers and tell them you don't want them spending your money that way any more.  Tell them to forget about Republicans and Democrats and stand up for what is right for a change.  2) Donate some money to my friend Jarem's bicycle ride to help fight cancer.  You can donate securely by going to the CT Challenge website www.ctchallenge.com and entering Jarem Frye as the rider you would like to sponsor.

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