Personal Political Platform

Since I left the Republican Party some time ago, I've been contemplating joining a new political party.  Last election I voted mostly Constitution Party, but I also like much of what the Libertarians and some other parties have to say.  So I decided to write down my own political platform for some our country's most pressing issues.  Here's a short list of what comes immediately to mind.

Abortion – I think abortion is wrong.  I believe that women should have the right to choose whether to have children or not, and that choice is made when they decide to have sex.  After they become pregnant, I don't believe women should have the right to kill their unborn children, except, possibly, in the cases of rape and a danger to the mother's life.

Welfare – I think government sponsored welfare is totally wrong and immoral.  I believe people should have the freedom to do what they want with their property, and they should be free to give it to whomever they please.  I don't believe the government should have the right to take one person's property to give to another.  Not only do I think it's wrong to do that, but I think, in most cases, it's bad for the people receiving the help.  It promotes laziness, ignorance and poverty, and brings down everyone involved.  Every person has a responsibility to care for those in need, but getting the government involved is the surest way to make this a bureaucratic, wasteful, non-accountable system.

Budget – I think the government should never be allowed, under any circumstances, to spend more than it takes in.  I think we need to get going on paying off our national debt before it cripples our economy.  A nation can not, any more than an individual, live on borrowed money indefinitely.  Eventually the debts come due, and if there is no ability to pay them, nothing good can happen.

Taxes – I think that federal taxes are way too high, because most of the departments in the federal government are unconstitutional and shouldn't exist.  We should scale back the federal government to it's proper, constitutional function, and the taxes should go back to the people.

Prisons – I think that people should have to pay for their prison stays, if they have the ability to do so.  I think that prisoners should be required to work while they are incarcerated, to help pay for the system.

Gay Marriage – I think people should have the right to do what they want with their chosen sexual orientation.  However, I believe that homosexuality is bad for our society, and should not be promoted or endorsed by the government.  I believe that children are best raised by a mother and a father, living together in a committed relationship, and that is what serves our society best.  Thus, gays should not be allowed any of the legal benefits of marriage.

Health Care – I think the government should not have any hand in the health care system.  The more they get involved, the worse it becomes.  I believe that people should have to pay for whatever health care they want.  I don't believe hospitals should have to treat someone who can't or won't pay them.  I believe that people should be free, in all cases, to feel the consequences of their choices.  If they choose not to purchase insurance or provide for themselves in other ways, they should be responsible for that choice, even if it means their death or financial ruin.  I think there should be low cost access to health care for everyone, but that should come from caring doctors and other personal donations, not from any government mandate.

Immigration – I think we should have on open immigration policy, allowing people to easily become citizens of our country.  That's how our country was made great in the first place.  Anyone wanting to come here to work to make a life for themselves and their family should be welcomed.  If we get rid of the welfare state we've created, we would have nothing to fear from immigrants wanting to come here.  We should never extend any benefit of our society to those who are here illegally.  Any illegal immigrants found should be deported and told that if they come back, illegally, they'll be shot.  We should not fill our prisons up with any illegal immigrants.

Social Security – I think we should get rid of the social security program.  It's doomed to failure anyway, so we should stop it now.  It should be every person's responsibility to care for themselves and their families.  No person should retire from working just because they reach a certain age.  People should continue working as long as they need to in order to survive.  If people don't have the foresight to save a portion of their earnings for retirement, then they should not expect to ever retire.  It is the family's obligation to care for their elderly who can't care for themselves, not the government's.

Terrorism – I don't think that any actions taken by our government since 9/11 have made our country any safer from terrorist attacks.  They have only increased our taxes and decreased our freedoms.  Terrorists should be treated just like any other criminals, and brought to justice for their crimes.  How many billions and billions of dollars have we spent trying to prevent another terrorist attack that might kill a few thousand people, while we don't seem to mind the thousands upon thousands of people dying every year from domestic crime.  Rather than trying to exact vengeance on those who have sponsored terrorist attacks, we should spend some effort on diplomatically figuring out why people hate us and want to kill us, and changing the policies and practices that have led to that hatred.

War – I think the federal government has the responsibility to protect it's citizens from outside attack.  It is not our responsibility or right to police the world, or enforce our ideology on other nations.  As a predominantly Christian nation, we should be much more inclined to peace, mercy, forgiveness and understanding than we currently are to hatred, mistrust and warmongering.

Gun Control – I think that convicted, violent felons should be prevented from obtaining guns.  There should be no other gun control.  Anyone else should be allowed to keep and bear any arms that they choose.  

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