Constitution Party Pass Along

I got this email from the Constitution party.  They asked me to pass it along, but I generally think that passed along emails are terribly annoying, so I decided to post it here instead.


"If taxes are laid upon us without our having a legal representation where they are laid, we are reduced from the character of free subjects to the state of tributary slaves."

~ Samuel Adams


Davy Crocket to Bono: “It’s Not Yours To Give”…


Lancaster, PA: 8/8/07- The Constitution Party joins Americans who champion limited government by condemning a recent Republican National Committee move. The RNC has endorsed a proposal by Irish rocker Bono to commit American taxpayers to spending $30 million to “eliminate global poverty”.


“As if any amount of taxpayer funds would actually accomplish that goal. What usually happens is the money extracted from us to fund these wealth transfers first fills the pockets of foreign dictators while barely a trickle ends up lining empty food bowls” stated Constitution Party National Committee Chairman Jim Clymer.


“History has shown us socialism does not work. Bono’s ill-advised scheme is socialism. The Republican Party has agreed to consign Americans to the same fate as other socialist countries with its recent endorsement of Bono’s global goody bag.” Clymer further added.


The Constitution Party, the third largest party based on voter registrations (Ballot Access News), points out that Bono, outspoken on environmentalism, global wealth transfer and socialist policies in general, owns several mansions throughout the world and travels by jet. The four engine jet he flies (while admonishing Americans to drive a hybrid) gets about 3 miles per gallon.


“What we now see is the GOP  aligning itself with a man who advocates American taxpayers fund worldwide projects after he  moved his lucrative music enterprise out of his native Ireland and to the Netherlands to avoid  higher taxes” Clymer pointed out.


“The Republicans, the so-called party of ‘limited government’ whose control of the White House and/or both houses of Congress for a quarter century has resulted in quadrupled federal spending, would do well to heed the words of fabled frontiersman  and Tennessee Congressman Davy Crockett. In the 1800’s this wise statesman said: “We have the right, as individuals to give away as much of our own money as we please… but as members of Congress we have no right to … appropriate a dollar of the public money… as… charity”. Crockett said these words after a constituent told him when it came to using taxpayer money for humanitarian purposes: “It’s not yours to give!”

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  1. Great post! Here's a (semi) recent posting on the Libertarian party's blog about the same campaign. The LP post and the linked Washington Post article both seem to indicate that it's actually the Bono group that is going to spend $30 million to convince 2008 Presidential candidates to spend a lot of US tax money on this aid. here's another related post. applaud Bono and Bill Gates and their friends for spending their own money to fight poverty, AIDS, etc. But to spend a bunch of money convincing my politicians to take more from me to give to other people is ridiculous. I agree with Crockett: "It's NOT yours to give!"

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