Oh Canada

Well, I just got back from two weeks in British Columbia.  It was quite fun.  After two solid days of driving to get up to Vanderhoof, Karli's home town, I woke up at 5:00 the next morning to drive 6 more hours out to the coast to go fishing on my father-in-law's boat.  We had great weather for 3 days, and it didn't start raining until the moment we stopped fishing and headed back to the marina.  I caught some great salmon, halibut and ling cod, and we caught about a million red snapper among all of us on the boat.  We also played lots of cards and ate great, fresh seafood, including the best salmon I've ever tasted.  We also went swimming, but only briefly, as the water was nastily cold, and saw tons of wildlife.  There were 3 whales swimming with our boat for an hour or two one day.  They surfaced a bunch of times right near the boat, and two of them jumped all the way out of the water at one point.  Very cool.  We also got two Bald Eagles to come pick up little fish that we threw into the water.  One of them swooped right down just a few feet off the little skiff we were in.  They were beautiful.
After I got back from the ocean, we turned around the next morning and went camping at a nice, little lake north of Vanderhoof.  Porter and I slept in a tent, while everyone else stayed in cabins.  Porter was stoked, and would not be denied his night in the tent.  He wanted to go to sleep at like 6:00pm, just so he could go in the tent.  While there, we all got eaten alive by black flies.  The bites are still healing on me a week and a half later.  Nasty little buggers they were.  The camp also had a sweat lodge that we were able to use.  We lit up a nice little fire in the stove, got it boiling hot in there (75 degrees C), sat in it as long as we could and then went to jump in the freezing cold lake.  Now that is living!  Next day we let Porter and Walker catch some little trout, which we cooked up and let them try.  Porter liked the fishing, but not the eating of the fish.  Walker just wanted to play with the fish hooks, worms, outboard motor and anything else he could get his hands on.  We're just lucky we were able to keep him inside the boat.  Saying he lacks the patience for fishing would be quite the understatement.
The next week I mostly just babysat and tried to get our van fixed (the fan had been stuck on high since halfway through Banff National Park on the way up).  It seemed, in working with the repair shop, that Vanderhoof was a bit of a geographical oddity: two weeks from everywhere.
On Friday night we were getting all packed up to leave and Karli decided she hadn't had enough, so she sent me home without her.  I caught a ride with her brother, Kyle.  Karli should be coming home in two weeks or so.
All in all, it was a ton of driving, but some good fun and visiting.  I can now look forward to two weeks of bachelorhood.  Anyone want to go wind surfing?

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