My First Political Rally

So my brother Jeremy and I went up to Salt Lake last Saturday to attend a rally for Ron Paul.  For anyone who doesn't know, he's running for president as a Republican, although he sounds much more like a Libertarian than any Republican I've ever heard.  My theory is that he's going to remain a Republican until the party nominates a different candidate for President, then he will keep running on the Libertarian or Independent ticket.
In any case, he had some very interesting things to say and I agreed with almost all of what he said.  He's proposing some radical changes that no one else from the two major parties has ever talked about to my knowledge.  His main focus was that we should mind our own business internationally, get away from our empire-building strategy, and instead use those resources to fix the growing problems we have domestically.  For example, if our National Guard wasn't out fighting wars and maintaining military bases all over the world, they would be able to effectively guard our own borders.  Also, if we weren't giving away a trillion dollars every year to other countries, we could afford to solve the Social Security and retirement issues that are threatening to bankrupt our country in the near future.
Anyway, I liked what he had to say enough that I appropriated one of the signs from out front of the rally and planted it in my own yard.  I think anybody who cares about America's future owes it to themselves to check out what Dr. Paul has to say to see if they might agree with him as I do.

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