Why is my DVD player telling me what to do?

So, here’s something that’s been eating away at me for years, and I demand satisfaction. What gives my DVDs the right to tell me what to do? When I buy a DVD, it should be mine and it should do whatever I tell it to. If I want to skip the stupid previews for 12-year old movies, I should be able to. If I stick in a DVD for the kids, one that we’ve watched a hundred million times, I shouldn’t have to sit there for 3 minutes just to watch the annoying little menu animate its way into existence. For crap’s sake, just play the movie, please! There’s a reason why my DVD is equipped with fast forward and menu buttons. But, the stupid DVD makers somehow are allowed to embed code on parts of their discs that won’t let me do what I want. This needs to stop.

One Response

  1. In a manner similar to computer manufacturers who slather on software besides the operating system , I speculate DVD vendors are compensated to place previews. Next, everyone is forced to sit through the “Don’t Copy” diatribe as the price of admission.

    The animated intros and menus are a different story and may be traced to eye candy intended to distract while some process completes (as Tivo does while Linux boots) or it may be as simple as some graphic artist or programmer had the clout to assure their wet dream gets watched.

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