Linux Update

So I’ve been using Linux for a few months now, and it’s been a pretty fun adventure.  There are definitely some great advantages: all the operating system and applications are free and it runs very well on outdated hardware, both of which are very appealing to a cheap-skate like me.  There have been some very frustrating times, though.  Like the time I stayed up until 5 in the bloody morning trying to configure my stupid xorg.conf file to properly use my video card’s TV-out.  That’s definitely one of the times where Plug-N-Play sounds pretty nice.  Also, I recently tried to upgrade from Kubuntu 7.04 to 7.10 and it quit somewhere in the middle of the upgrade, basically hosing my system.  I’ve since managed to get it up and running again, reconfigure the xorg.conf file (another couple of hours, but I guess I’m getting better), and it is still not operating at peak performance.  I’m going to have to wipe it and do a clean install, but I’m waiting for the new KDE 4.0 desktop to come out next month before I do that.

All things considered, it’s been a good learning experience.  I don’t think Linux is ready for the mainstream population, yet, but I think it has great potential for those who know what they’re doing with it.  I still wish I had an extra 1200 bucks to go plop down for a new iMac, especially with the pretty new Leopard OS that came out last week.  Oh well.

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