Happy Christmas

So, another Christmas has come and gone.  Despite all my previous bitching about the holiday, we sure had fun the last couple of days.  The boys had predictable, but very funny reactions when they came out this morning.  Porter went straight for the Star Wars toys and Walker went straight for the bag of Swedish fish, or as he calls them, ‘fithee thweetth’.  Then, they went on to a few more toys and the crowning presents of toy pirate ships.  Porter’s Black Pearl ship took me an hour to put together, then it was off to Grandma’s house for breakfast and more presents.  There, Walker got his best gift, a Harley-Davidson big-wheel that makes motorcycle noises.  Needless to say, he was in heaven.  Porter got a camera, which he totally loved, but his favorite gift was, of course, more Star Wars toys from uncle Jeremy.  Karli got a new camera and I got a ladder and a new printer, among some other things.  I also got my best surprise gift from Karli: a huge glass mug.  Now I can support my Mountain Dew habit in style!  After presents we watched some movies with the boys and let them play with their new toys while the adults snacked and played Settlers.  I was happy to finally get home this evening, clean up the mound of garbage, put the kids to bed and set up my new printer.  All in all, it was a pretty great day.  Again, the mood was summed up by Walker on the way home.  After loading up all the presents and turning on Shrek for the boys to watch, Karli spent about 2 minutes recapping all the fun things that had happened today, and finally asked the boys, ‘Wasn’t that so much fun?’  The only response from the back seat was from Walker: ‘I can’t hear!’  You gotta love the ungrateful little buggers.

ps Here’s a copy of our yearly Christmas letter for anyone who may not have received one.  (I totally sent it to you, I swear.  It must be in your email’s junk box.)


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