I’m Still Alive… Barely

Well, for all my die hard fans out there, I realize I haven’t written in quite a long while.  Sorry.  I recently started a new job, which has me driving up to Salt Lake every day, and unlike most people who decide to start new jobs, I wasn’t actually smart enough to quit my old job first.  No, in fact, I’m still working my other job nights and weekends from home.  So for the last few weeks I’ve barely had time to pee, let alone keep up with the blogosphere.  But, as it is Saturday night and I’ve completed my work for the day and put the kids to bed early, I thought I would try to catch up.

My last post was an introduction to my reading of Walden.  That probably deserves a whole separate post or two, but it’s not going to get it.  I really liked Walden… for about the first half.  The first half was all about minimalist philosophy and how all the crap we accumulate in our lives is just an anchor holding us down.  I totally agree with that.  It seems that no matter what, the more money we make, the more money we spend on junk we don’t actually need, which causes us to have to work more to keep it up.  It’s pretty stupid.  So, now that I am working my butt off (don’t worry, there’s plenty left), I should be able to earn some extra money and hopefully I can keep out of the trap of just spending that much more.  We’ll see.

Anyway, after the first half of Walden, which I really enjoyed, Thoreau just started going into very detailed descriptions of nature, without much point, I thought.  So, even though it kind of makes me feel like a cheater, I applied my newfound resolve gained from reading ‘4 Hour Workweek’ (see previous post) and just skipped through the rest of the book.  Hopefully I didn’t miss anything great, but I think I pretty much got the gist of things.  So, although I didn’t actually read all of Walden, when the topic comes up in my next high brow conversation, I will claim I did and try to fit in with the smart people.

After Walden I tried to read Darwin’s ‘Origin of Species.’  That was also very interesting, but I felt like I got the point of the book after the first couple chapters and didn’t really care to keep slogging through it.  I think Darwin is right on with his ideas, and I totally agree with his theory of evolution.  I really don’t know how God and the Bible fit into that mix, but I obviously don’t think they are mutually exclusive ideas.  Interesting to finally read the original work, though, even if I didn’t actually read all of it.  Darwin is a bit long-winded (he is a scientist after all), but really humble and writes with a good voice, in my opinion.

I’m now in the middle of reading Glenn Beck’s ‘An Inconvenient Book.’  Again, I don’t know if my ADD is flaring up, but I was really into the first few chapters of the book, but now I find my enjoyment waning.  He starts off strong with some good evidence and rhetoric against the idea of global warming.  I’ve always been in the other camp on that issue, so it was nice to hear an opposing point of view.  I would try to sum up his logic, but I think I would just screw it up, so go read the book.  After global warming, he talks about Islamic fundamentalists and political correctness.  It was very one-sided, but again, I think it’s an interesting facet to examine.  Next, things kind of trail off into some amusing ranting and now I’m near the end but smack in the middle of a bunch of poorly supported, right-wing, nut-job, political garbage.  But, I’m still reading, so I guess it’s better than Walden, right?  Or maybe it’s just written more to my intelligence level… hmm.

I could keep writing.  Seems like once I get to it, I actually have a lot to say, but I’ll end it for now so I can go watch 24 with Karli and anyone still reading can get up and massage their sore buttocks.  Thanks for staying with me.  I’ll try to check in soon and come up with something more enjoyable to read, but I’m not promising anything.