Best Commute Ever!

Well, I just made my first morning commute to my new office, and it took me all of 2 minutes.  Awesome!  I’m now set up to work both my jobs from my very own office (above Copies Plus printing on North Main in Springville), which means the following: I won’t have to drive up to Salt Lake every day anymore; I’ll have 2 more hours each day to work my other job, so I shouldn’t have to work every night anymore, just once in a while; I’ll have more time to spend with my family; I can rock out without my headphones because there is no one else in my office to complain about it; I’ll save a double-butt-load of money on gas.  Needless to say, I’m stoked!


Mom, Can I Go to the Hospital, Please?

As I was working earlier this evening, an ambulance call came in over my fire pager for a young man who had taken a fall up on the hillside near Springville. It didn’t sound too serious, but a few minutes later, the fire department also got called out to help retrieve the patient. So I rushed down to the station, we packed up some ropes, packs, stretchers, etc. and I drove our rescue truck up to the scene.

As we got close, we could see a small light about half way up the mountain and wondered if that had something to do with the call. We pulled up behind the ambulance, got out and went to see what was going on. There were a number of Springville police there, as well as county sheriffs, ambulance & fire personnel. We quickly find out that the light up on the hill is where the patient is. It’s going to take at least 45 minutes or so to even hike up there to see what’s going on, and since it was actually in the county’s turf, instead of Springville city, the county called in the Search and Rescue team to handle the job and we just got to stand around watching.

So, at this point, there are twenty or so people standing around waiting, a few people hiking up the mountain and more people on the way, with the life flight helicopter on its way down from Salt Lake just in case it’s needed. Then a call comes over the radio from dispatch. Apparently the teen and his friend on the hillside have a cell phone and have just called dispatch with a message: “My Mom says I have to hike down myself because she doesn’t want to pay for an ambulance.” Classic!

The police chief overrode Mom’s decision and the rescue went ahead. We were released and went home, so I don’t know how the incident actually ended, but at least I got a good laugh out of it.

Escalator Update: First Born Struck Down

Some of you out there may have read about my recent encounter with the vicious and insatiable escalator gods. I thought that story was over, but it seems that their vengeance was not satisfied with merely punishing me, and they have now seen fit to take out their ire on my progeny.

We took a family trip to the Provo mall this last week to grab some dinner at Winger’s. After dinner, we decided to head upstairs to let the boys play on the toys for a bit before going home. As we approached the escalators, Porter, of course, got excited and ran ahead. The boy loves escalators! In fact, the one and only time we have convinced his uncle Jesse to babysit, the pair of them went to the mall and rode the escalator for two hours straight, and I think if you asked Porter, he would affirm that as one of the best nights of his young life. Walker is fond of the escalator, too, but he is still a little trepidatious getting on, so that’s one of the few times he actually likes to hold hands with his parents.

Anyway, after we all successfully mounted the escalator, Porter, in his excitement, kept climbing higher away from us. Finally, as he was about 15 steps above us and trying to figure out how to work his way past a standing group of people, we called to him and told him to come back down with us, so he wouldn’t get hurt. As he turned around, presumably to explain to us why he didn’t need to listen to us and how he would never get hurt, he made a bit of a miscalculation. He put his back up against the wall of the escalator.

We watched, as if in slow motion, as Porter’s eyes got big, realizing that his feet were continuing to move upward as his body was now stationary against the non-moving wall. Before he had time to correct, he toppled, performing a nice somersault, then skidding to a stop on his face as I rushed up the stairs to collect him. As I detailed in my previous post, and as anyone familiar with escalators may have noticed, they do not provide a soft landing. So, as I picked Porter up, I was dismayed, but not terribly surprised, to see quite a bit of blood coming out of his mouth. He started bawling and we rushed to the top of the escalator and into the food court to find the closest seat and determine the true extent of his injuries.

Once we got the screaming stopped and some of the blood cleaned up with some Subway napkins, we were able to see that he had a relatively small cut on the inside of his lip, and no other serious problems. We told Porter what a tough ninja he was, which seemed to help his outlook a bit, and took him to the bathroom to get him the rest of the way cleaned up. It didn’t take too long before the bleeding was all stopped and he was back to his old self, showing off his cool purple lip to any interested in seeing. No lasting harm done.

Current Score: Escalators – 2. Hurren Family – 0.

10 Easy Steps to Make Your First $Billion

Presidential Warning: If you read this blog post, the terrorists win!

10 Easy Steps:

  1. Become Secretary of Defense
  2. Oversee the destruction of Iraq during Desert Storm
  3. Become CEO of Halliburton
  4. Secure billions of dollars in no-bid, government contracts to rebuild war-torn Iraq
  5. Create off-shore tax shelters to help Halliburton completely avoid paying all taxes
  6. Leave your job at Halliburton, but still get paid
  7. Become Vice President
  8. Divert attention from real threats to start another war with Iraq
  9. Award Halliburton US Miliary Support contracts worth billions
  10. Award Halliburton billions of dollars in contracts to rebuild Iraq after it’s destroyed again

Rinse. Repeat.


Nice Cartoon

Check out this funny political cartoon I found.

How do you know it’s Spring?

Because I got my motorcycle out and rode it today! It’s been so warm this week and I finally got the old Honda out this afternoon after work and it started right up. I had to adjust the clutch cable a bit, but I rode it up to the top of Center Street in Springville and it ran like a champ. It might be an old hunk of junk, but it’s my hunk of junk and it’s more than enough to put a smile on my face for the evening. You can see a photo, not of my bike exactly, but of one just like it, in the sidebar or on my flickr account. Spring is here!

Video of Luke

Here’s a short video of our baby Luke at 2 months old.