How do you know it’s Spring?

Because I got my motorcycle out and rode it today! It’s been so warm this week and I finally got the old Honda out this afternoon after work and it started right up. I had to adjust the clutch cable a bit, but I rode it up to the top of Center Street in Springville and it ran like a champ. It might be an old hunk of junk, but it’s my hunk of junk and it’s more than enough to put a smile on my face for the evening. You can see a photo, not of my bike exactly, but of one just like it, in the sidebar or on my flickr account. Spring is here!

2 Responses

  1. Hi Mike! I like your way of sensing Spring better than mine. I can tell by the amount (of mud) that collects on the twins shoes when they can’t bear to walk on the cement that we spent a great deal of family resources to pour last Fall. But, hey, bring it on huh? I’m ready too.

  2. I know it’s Spring because my abdominal muscles ache from ALL THE COUGHING! Damn hay fever!

    Be careful on that bike you hooligan!

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