Mom, Can I Go to the Hospital, Please?

As I was working earlier this evening, an ambulance call came in over my fire pager for a young man who had taken a fall up on the hillside near Springville. It didn’t sound too serious, but a few minutes later, the fire department also got called out to help retrieve the patient. So I rushed down to the station, we packed up some ropes, packs, stretchers, etc. and I drove our rescue truck up to the scene.

As we got close, we could see a small light about half way up the mountain and wondered if that had something to do with the call. We pulled up behind the ambulance, got out and went to see what was going on. There were a number of Springville police there, as well as county sheriffs, ambulance & fire personnel. We quickly find out that the light up on the hill is where the patient is. It’s going to take at least 45 minutes or so to even hike up there to see what’s going on, and since it was actually in the county’s turf, instead of Springville city, the county called in the Search and Rescue team to handle the job and we just got to stand around watching.

So, at this point, there are twenty or so people standing around waiting, a few people hiking up the mountain and more people on the way, with the life flight helicopter on its way down from Salt Lake just in case it’s needed. Then a call comes over the radio from dispatch. Apparently the teen and his friend on the hillside have a cell phone and have just called dispatch with a message: “My Mom says I have to hike down myself because she doesn’t want to pay for an ambulance.” Classic!

The police chief overrode Mom’s decision and the rescue went ahead. We were released and went home, so I don’t know how the incident actually ended, but at least I got a good laugh out of it.


4 Responses

  1. I love it! I’m glad that most of the calls you get in the middle of family time or when we are deep asleep are from retards who can’t tell their left foot from their right. “My pointer finger hurts! Call the ambulance!”

  2. Way too funny! If you find out how it all turned out you have to update us.

  3. I didn’t know you were on the ambulance. Cool job, I couldn’t do it though. I don’t have the stomach for blood and people in pain (or dead). I am glad there are people who will do it.

  4. OK, so I found out the rest of the story, according to the fire chief. Apparently the kid fell about 15 feet off a cliff, and may have tumbled a bit further. He was found to have a broken ankle when they finally lowered him down off the mountain and trucked him to the hospital, around 2am. Life flight was there with their helicopter, but just to provide lighting to the search and rescue team (and I think maybe they were bored, anyway). I haven’t heard what charges will be billed to the mother, but she probably isn’t too happy with the whole deal.
    Also, just for clarification, I don’t work on the ambulance crew, but for the fire department. I did get my EMT training, but I never got on with the ambulance, so I joined fire instead. Our pagers work on the same frequency so we can hear each others’ calls, and sometimes we go and drive for them if they are short on people. As for dealing with people bleeding, in pain, or dead, that wasn’t the problem for me; I couldn’t stand dealing with people who were calling 911 and weren’t actually very hurt.

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