Thoreau Would be So Disappointed

After my recent reading of Walden, I had a strong desire to sell all my physical goods and live a very spartan life, but instead, I just went and bought a brand new TV, much bigger and more expensive than my last one, yet strangely, it still shows the same old garbage the old one did.  Thoreau would be so disappointed.  But enough complaining, let me tell you about my awesome new TV!

Old Henry might have changed his outlook on life if he had ever played HALO 3 in brilliant High Definition, experiencing every stunning detail as he mowed down alien Brutes and saved the Universe from evil.  Maybe.

The new TV is a 42″ Vizio 1080p LCD, and it looks great!  I’ve been looking at HDTVs for a few months now, but all the ones in my price range (under $1000) were only 720p resolution.  I really want to hook my PC up to the TV to watch movies, surf the internet, video conference, etc., so I wanted to get a 1080p so it would display properly.  I finally found what I was looking for on for $999, so I ordered it a week ago and it arrived yesterday.  Porter and Walker helped me set it up last night (by help, of course, I mean taking components I needed, whining about how long it was taking and wearing the plastic wrap from the TV as a dress) and Porter got to play Star Wars on the XBox to break it in.  Then we put the kids to bed and gave the TV a proper Christening by watching my new Special Edition Monty Python and the Holy Grail DVD that Jesse gave me for my birthday.

I still feel vaguely bad about spending so much money on a TV, something I consider mostly a huge waste of time, but what the hell, I’m stimulating the economy right?  Right?

4 Responses

  1. eh… I think it was a marvelous decision. I can’t wait to get a flat screen TV.
    Yours sounds very cool and I love the movie selection, classic.

    Do you play any computer games or just XBox? I think I am one of the few who still play computer games…

  2. I bought a Vizio (albeit the 1080i version – I’m so deprived…) and really enjoy it. It’s very high quality, IMO, and if I ever get inspired, I might actually hang it on the wall.

    Make sure you get an HDMI cable for whatever you want to use it for because the quality goes up a bit as well. We bought a cheap upconverting DVD player which basically makes a regular DVD “look like” a high-def DVD.

    If you’re buying HDMI cables, do it through I bought ONE cable at Best Buy for like $40 before I was told that I could get them at about $3.50 each online. Sick.

    Alright, no more TV talk, I gotta get to work so I can pay for all this stuff 🙂

  3. Damon,
    I still like computer games, but I’ve been a bit busy to play them lately. The last one I played was Neverwinter Nights. Once I hook up the PC to my new TV, though, I need to get a new game!

    Thanks for the cable tip.

  4. Mike,

    I liked NWN quite a bit, the second one wasn’t as good IMO. I also like Morrowind quite a bit if you haven’t played that one. Oblivion was disappointing.

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