Extreme Sledding 3

On Saturday we did our yearly ‘Extreme Sledding’ trip.  Now that I can move my neck enough to sit at the computer, I figured I’d write a few words about my experience.  If you haven’t seen the videos of previous years’ exploits, check out the Videos tab above.  I will be putting together a video for this year, too, but it might take me a few weeks to get it all finished (check out the photos in the sidebar or in my flickr account).

We left about 8:30 Saturday morning, got up to the parking place about 11:00, and got up to the top of the hill about an hour later.  OK, I got up to the top of the hill about an hour later.  Everyone else made it 15 minutes before that, but that’s OK.  I’m proud I got my fat butt up the hill at all.  This is the day, every year, where I realize how much sitting in a nice cushioned chair all day long does not prepare one for hiking up snow-covered, 45-degree-inclined hills.  But, as I said, I did eventually make it to the top.  Then the fun part started.  The snow was very hard packed this year, but we managed to cut our way through the cornice and dig our best tunnel ever.  That took an hour and a half or so.  Then we were ready for sledding.  You might think this is a lot of work just for sledding, but that’s why it’s so Extreme!

So, my brother Jesse was first to go, as usual, and he didn’t kill himself on landing, just summersaulted about 5 times, rolled a ways and slid to a nice stop (par for the course), so we were all ready to go after him.  My first two attempts were super weak because I kept hitting the sides of the tunnel, slowing down and dribbling out the end with none of the coveted ‘air’ I was seeking.  Finally, I figured out I was getting too much of a run at it, so I got a bit closer and made a perfect run.  It was good enough to match Jesse’s previous 2 longest jumps, which I know because I landed right in the divit caused by his previous landings.  Unlike everyone else, I don’t like to ditch my sled in the air and land safely and gracefully on my back, I like to hold the sled right to my butt and try to land and keep riding.  In this case, I did exactly that, but as I mentioned, I landed right in a hole, at which point, my spine compressed 3 or 4 inches, and although I landed on my sled perfectly and could have kept going down the hill, I opted instead to fall over and start crying.

After that, I didn’t want to go out the tunnel anymore, but I took a couple runs off the cornice where I could find a nice, soft landing for my bruised posterior.  I also managed to get thoroughly soaked in my redneck snowsuit (Levis and a Fleece jacket) since I already sent all my snow gear up to Canada last week (more about that later).  All in all, it was a great day, and I’m happy to say I’m not permanently injured.  I think.

5 Responses

  1. I’m glad I married a guy that isn’t afraid to have fun like a teenager even though he is 30! Sorry your neck hurts but by the grin on your face when you got home…. I could tell it was totally worth it! I love you.

  2. That is awesome! Great pics too. I thought you were kidding about Canada, are you really going? If you are, make sure to “follow the only road” 🙂

  3. I’m not even sorry I wasn’t there to be eye witness – what a riot to read about

  4. Oh my gosh that sounds like so much fun. But you boys are crazy. So when do you guys move to Canada?

  5. Damon,
    I had to google your reference. I must have missed that SP episode. Just reading about it made me laugh, though. “Don’t kick the baby.”

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