No Rest for the Weary

I can’t seem to find the time or energy to maintain the blog lately, but I’m on hold with the auto shop and it might be a while, so here’s a quick update.  Things are going well here in Vanderhoof.  I’m working way too much, keeping up with both my jobs and trying to start a computer cable manufacturing company in my spare time.  I had planned to join the volunteer fire department here in town, but with all my work, and now being called to be Young Mens President in our ward, I can’t seem to find it in me.  Hopefully things will settle down eventually.

I’m working from home, which has its pros & cons.  Commutes are definitely nice, but having no separation from home life is difficult.  We’re looking around to buy a home now, and I would love to find something with a separate building on the property that I could turn into a private office.  If that doesn’t happen, I may get an office in town.

Karli and I have both been losing weight since we moved here.  Karli’s been training to run a marathon with her sisters next year, so I haven’t lost nearly as much as her, but it feels good.  The biggest hurdle has been that they don’t have diet Mountain Dew here, so I’ve had to switch to Coke Zero.  Oh well.

Porter started his first partial day of Kindergarten yesterday.  He’ll be going every other day, all day, starting next week.  That’s one of the reasons we moved, actually.  He gets to start a year earlier here than he would have in the States.  He’s very excited and we know he’ll do well.  I recently installed Edubuntu (a Linux distribution for learning) on my old computer, so he spends some time here in the office with me playing learning games.

There’s probably lots more to tell, but I’m off the phone with Canadian Tire now and I’d better get back to work.

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  1. You’re hot!

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