Proposition 8

I think most of the people I know will disagree with me on this issue, perhaps vehemently, but I wanted to put my two cents in.

First of all I think Governor Schwarzenegger said it best when he called the proposition ‘a waste of time.’  Don’t we have more important things to worry about than a bunch of queers wanting to get married?  They’re already living with each other.  What does it matter if they call it domestic partnership or marriage?  Who cares?

Secondly, I think this is a good case of tyranny of the majority.  A whole bunch of people disagree with what someone else is doing, so they want to get together and make a law against it.  I would rather support freedom for everyone to do whatever they want, so long as it doesn’t impinge on my own life, liberty and property.  That’s the only way to make sure that when I’m in the minority, I don’t have others getting together to pass laws against me.

Thirdly, I don’t think it was very long ago that my own Mormon ancestors were fighting a similar fight, from the losing side.  Back in those days, Mormons believed that the way to heaven was marriage between a man and a woman and a woman and a woman.  The rest of the country got together and said that was evil, so the Mormons had to discontinue the practice.  I don’t see how this issue is much different.

Personally, I don’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle, but I do support their rights of freedom and equality, because I believe that’s the best way to preserve my own rights of freedom and equality.


5 Responses

  1. Me too! Me too! I completely agree.

  2. Ugh, Mike, come visit a CA ward…. they have us knocking doors to warn people about it. Calling like telemarketers, and EVERY talk is about Prop 8, every RS, priesthood class is based around the proposition, it is starting to deterr members from even going to church. I TOTALLY see why the general presidency is asking for us to fight here in CA, but some of the members feel that it is just too much of shoving down the throught for them to handle.

  3. Hey Mike, I see where you’re coming from, and I aggree with your statement: “I would rather support freedom for everyone to do whatever they want, so long as it doesn’t impinge on my own life, liberty and property.” The problem is that if Proposition 8 doesn’t pass, than it will impinge on our lives and liberties. The following web address takes you to an article about a book written that addresses the threat to religious liberties from same-sex marriage:
    I reccommend reading this article. It talks about churches who oppose same-sex marriage loosing their tax-exempt status, which would have a devastating and crippling effect on churches and their members. Also it talks about loosing the freedom of speech about this issue. Like Elder bednar said, this issue has a far reaching ripple effect. Maybe we won’t see all the consequences now, but it will have lasting consequences. As a citizen living in California, I support proposition 8 because I want to protect my own rights and freedoms.

  4. Mike, I completely agree with your stand on this issue, and I’ll take it one step further. The government should have ZERO say in what marriage is. It’s not a government function. The only reason it is now is because (a) they make a lot of money off of licensing for marriage, and (b) it’s a way of promoting a certain lifestyle, through tax breaks, that the government has decided is good.

    I think that we should get government out of marriage completely. Just tax people as individuals, and then let the churches deal with marriage however they want to.

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