My Latest Idea

I awoke the other morning with an interesting idea in my head, and decided to spend a few minutes cooking it up.  Here’s the background: I work in affiliate marketing, which, if you’re not aware, means that I promote other people’s products and services on the internet, and get a referral fee or sales commission from the merchants I promote.  I listen to a parenting podcast called Jumping Monkeys, which has a segment in each episode about great ways to give online.  I love to shop on, where you can pretty much buy anything and have it shipped to your door (at least in America, sadly not so much selection in Canada yet).

So, with these things on my brain, I awoke with this concept: Create a simple website that people can go to when they want to shop on  They go to my website first, pick a charity they would like to receive money, and then they are redirected to Amazon, where they shop normally, but the referral fee that Amazon gives out to its affiliates will go to the selected charity.  It costs the user nothing extra, except the extra effort of going to my website first, instead of straight to Amazon.

I’ve only put about 1/2 hour into the project so far, so it’s not very pretty, but it is now functional.  So, if you’re like me and plan to avoid all those annoying people standing in line at 4am at Wal-Mart on Thanksgiving weekend, and instead do your Christmas shopping online, you can try out my new website here:

Also, I welcome any feedback from my family and friends on how to develop and improve this concept.  Happy Thanksgiving!

5 Responses

  1. Very interesting. I’ll be sure to hit that site up before I shop next time at Amazon.

  2. Well Mike, you are talking to a semi-professional Amazon shopper here. Seriously, it is always the FIRST place I look when I have to buy something. I am only saddened because I have already finished my Christmas shopping for the year, but will definitely remember this in the future……and there WILL be a future…….I kinda have an online shopping problem….just ask my husband. Anyway, great idea.

  3. Aren’t you clever. And philanthropic too! Nice going, Mike.

  4. So you actually made it happen! I usually just think of good ideas and do nothing about them. Occasionally, I make a quilt out of them. I’ve bookmarked this website next to my AMAZON bookmark, so I can use it often.

  5. I would also suggest one more charity: Habitat for Humanity. We give to them regularly, and their newsletter as well as the newspaper coverage they get locally convince me that they really do a lot of good work. For example, people in the U.S. who want a home go on a waiting list, help to build several other people’s homes–actually hammering the nails and such undersupervision by professionals–before their own home comes to the top of the list. That should agree with your political principles. In other parts of the world, they build simple houses for people who have no shelter at all.

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