Happy Birthday Porter

Well, my oldest son, Porter, turned 5 today.  I think he had a fun day.  He was obviously very excited.  Karli was still awake around 2:00am, when Porter came out of his room, fully dressed and ready for his birthday to start.  She sent him back to bed, but he was up again before anyone else, quietly playing Lego Star Wars on the XBox downstairs.  Normally I might be down on him sneaking around playing XBox at 5 in the morning, but hey, it’s his Birthday.  One thing I’ve always supported is the idea that you should be able to do whatever you want on your birthday, and nuts to what anyone else wants you to do.  One day a year, you shouldn’t have to please anyone but yourself.

So, when I walked down to find Porter enjoying himself, 5 inches away from the screen, I didn’t even tell him to scoot back.  Let him ruin his eyes, it’s his birthday!  He then proceeded to tell me, “it’s my birthday, so I can have whatever I want for breakfast, Mom said, so I want Taquitos.”  Awesome.

Later in the morning, his two best friends and cousins, Bridger & Justin, came over to play.  After lunch, I loaded all 3 of the five year olds into the truck and headed for Prince George.  Porter requested we watch Kung Fu Panda on the way, so I set up the portable DVD screens and stopped by the 7-11 for some treats.  It’s 20 below zero outside, but Porter chose a Slurpee for his treat.  That’s my boy.

When we got to Prince George, we went to the swimming pool for about 3 hours.  The boys had fun in the lazy river, wave pool & hot tub, and Porter had fun showing off his diving board skills to his less experienced cousins.  To his credit, Bridger decided twice to jump off the diving board, but couldn’t quite make it off the end.  I, of course, couldn’t resist pulling a couple of gainers, myself.

After getting thoroughly tired out swimming, and the joy of trying to shower and dress 3 little boys in a crowded dressing room, we headed for McDonald’s for Happy Meals, ice cream cones & more play time.  Then we headed for home, finished watching Kung Fu Panda and I got to go back to work to make up for my afternoon off.

Now it’s almost midnight and definitely time for bed.  Happy Birthday Porter.  Hope you had fun.  Tomorrow it’s back to mean Dad.

3 Responses

  1. The part you didn’t mention was the “Happy Birthday” card that Bridger wrote to Porter, telling him what a fun dad he (Porter) has. I agree and now I’m pretty sure you just might be the coolest uncle around too! Thanks for taking all three to the pool. They had a blast and Walker and I got some fun time in at home too!

  2. What a great dad! And now I know the cyber-revolution is complete when husbands and wives communicate by blog! It’s so much work to walk downstairs! Actually, when you have 3 kids, who’s got time to walk downstairs?!

  3. Well hey, it sounds like everyone had a great day. Wish we could have been there, Tate was bummed that he didn’t get to go. But four might have been over the top, not to mention the 1500 miles he would have to travel!

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