Mike’s Current Top 20

Another installment of what’s playing on my iPod these days.  Check ’em out if you haven’t heard ’em.  Let me know if there’s anything out there I need to check out.

Atreyu – Falling Down
Coheed And Cambria – Welcome Home
Coldplay – Violet Hill
Danny Elfman – The Little Things
Fall Out Boy – Beat It
Fall Out Boy – Dead On Arrival
Flight of the Conchords – HBO Special (Album)
Flobots – Handlebars
Flogging Molly – Float (Album)
Linkin Park – Minutes To Midnight (Album)
Nine Inch Nails – Discipline
Ozzy Osbourne – I Don’t Wanna Stop
Panic! At The Disco – I Write Sins Not Tragedies
The Bravery – Believe
The Offspring – Hammerhead
The Raconteurs – Salute Your Solutions
Weezer – Pork And Beans
Yael Naim – New Soul
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps

4 Responses

  1. I just really appreciate the variety of music you listen to. But I was surprised to not see any Faith Hill, or George Strait on that list. You’re really missing out man!

  2. I think you might like Thriving Ivory, I am realing digging their song “Angels on the moon”.

  3. I’m proud to see some NIN on your list. That’s my boy!

  4. I’m feeling pretty good about myself. I recognize five whole songs this time! :o)

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