Couple of Tards

So, I’m working on Saturday, unfortunately, and I’m also keeping an eye on my boys, but obviously not close enough. I just went upstairs to see what they were up to, only to find T1 & T2 standing in the kitchen, buck naked, sliding around on the linoleum that they had poured water all over. So, I did the only thing I could think of: added some dish soap and taught them how to get a good run through the living room to slide all the way through the kitchen and into the legs of the kitchen table. I figure eventually they’ll hurt themselves way worse than any spanking I could administer. Now, that’s good parenting.

5 Responses

  1. Next time, grab the camera! karli and I used to do the same thing in the bathroom, fun times

  2. i wish i had the guts to parent like that! awesome!

  3. lol! brilliant ice-free speed skating!

  4. Does that make you T3?

  5. Mike, this is truly brilliant! What a terrific dad! BTW, who cleaned up the mess?

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