Third Rule of Blog War

If you go and sabotage your wife’s blog and change the redirect of her vanity URL to point to your blog instead, be prepared to have a very upset wife on your hands.  You may want to consider the fact that if victory means you’ll be sleeping on the couch for a month, you can hardly call that a victory.  A close look at priorities may be in order.

2 Responses

  1. Hey, fair is fair and I will do what is fair to win!!! I won’t stoop to doing mean things to make you lose! But I do love you!!!

  2. Priorities? Couch? Man I don’t even get the couch which makes winning even more of a priorty. If the looser (no offense Karli but I think piece is boring in a relationship (that’s why I married an Israeli!)) wants to kick you out of bed for winning than it time you packed the tent, hopped a train and meet me in the middle somewhere for the great adventure of ’09!

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