Well, I guess the fifth and final rule of blog war should be: never get involved in a land war in Asia blog war with a stay at home Mom.  The final numbers are in, and I lost.  The total was 1956 unique visitors for the week for Karli, and 1815 for me.  Thank you to the select few of you who supported me over Karli, but we just couldn’t quite pull it off.  Hats off to Karli, her full-time PR manager and her team of rabid fans.  Well done.  Now, let’s commence with the healing and reconstruction of the tattered remains of our marriage.

4 Responses

  1. Tattered? I’m sure I don’t know what you are talking about. I am as happy as punch! Love you!


  2. Way to take it like a man Mike! I was getting worried at the end, especially since I was too busy on Friday and Saturday to do my job as campaign manager. But alas…now for repairs…I’ll babysit for you so you can go on a date…oh wait, that won’t work. Maybe ask all of Karli’s fans?

  3. You fought a good fight, and I laughed a lot. Are there really any losers here? 😉

  4. I like the suggestion someone gave of baby sitting so you could go on a date but won’t Karli be there to take care of the kids?

    For the record, I visited your blog way more than Karli’s and I even told her “bro’s before ho’s” when she tried to turn me (essentially calling your wife a ho (but for your sake)) so I did my part in extra mile fashion!

    I don’t think quantity is a sign of quality anyway. For example: Tom Waits, sling-shot paint ball, number of nights we camped on a strangers back patio and woke up to the smell of their breakfast, number of adventures where I DIDN’T almost die, the Church in 1830, number of .50 BMG shots it takes to stop a suicide truck, number of examples I can think of…

    I love your blog and would read it far more if it came in a toilet friendly reader or something.

    Keep writing!


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