Baby Pics

On our recent trip to Seattle, my Mom brought along my childhood photo album and gave it to me. I was flipping through it with the boys today and noticing how much Porter and Luke look like me when I was a kid. At least I think so. Walker, not so much. Tell me what you think.

This is me about 8 months old.




This is me at 1 year


Apparently my drinking habit started early.


This is me at 2 years.




This is me at 5 years.




Don’t be sad Walker, you look more like your Mom, and she’s definitely cuter than me.  Sorry, Luke & Porter, you’re stuck with it.

2 Responses

  1. I do think Porter and Walker look a lot like you did. And while I’m not too sure Walker looks much like me, I can see it in this picture. I think it might be the, “I am soooo not amused right now” look. 🙂

  2. I’ve always though Porter was you clone, and now Luke looks like you, too. You are all very handsome! Glad you’re enjoying the book!

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