Toilet Training

So, it seems Luke is learning to use the toilet at only 18 months old.  Don’t get me wrong.  He isn’t actually peeing in the toilet, but he has figured out how to flush.  Unfortunately, he’s also learned how to throw random things from around the bathroom into the toilet before flushing it.

Which leads me to how I spent my last Saturday.  The toilet was plugged up all week, and I finally had some free time to try to fix it.  So I went to the hardware store to pick up a good plunger and auger.  After an hour of trying those useless tools, I finally had to drain the toilet, take it off the floor and turn it upside down.  There I was able to spot the problem: a stick of deodorant stuck in the pipes.  Lousy little twerp.  It took me an hour to break it apart and wrench it out, but I finally got it.  I put the toilet all back together, hooked the water back up and got everything cleaned up; only to find that there was, yes, another stick of deodorant stuck in the toilet.  Freaking little punk!

So, another hour or two later, I got the second stick out and everything put back together again.  All this while Luke was busy tearing the rest of the house to pieces, but at least we can use our own bathroom again.  At least until he flushes something else.  What a crappy way to spend my Saturday.