Obligatory Post

Someday I may start writing here again.  Until then, here is a post to show that I’m still alive and make sure my account is not deleted.


Please Don’t Delete My Account

Wow.  Apparently I don’t like blogging anymore.  I wonder how long I can go between posts and not have them delete my account.  That would suck, because there is some serious gold, here!  🙂

Uplifting Lecture

This one made me LOL

Mt Pope Panorama

My brothers, Jeremy & Jesse, recently came for a visit and we had a great time (at least I did). One of the highlights was going for a hike up Mount Pope in Fort Saint James. I’d been wanting to make the hike since I moved here, but hadn’t made it yet, so it was the perfect opportunity. We had perfect hiking weather and we were the only ones on the trail, other than a couple of rock climbers we met on the way down. Here is a 360 degree panorama I stitched together from pictures taken at the summit. There are some other photos in my Flickr stream if you’re interested. Enjoy the view! I sure did.

Rethinking our Educational System

I love watching TED Talks, and recently I saw this follow up to one of my favorite talks. Ken Robinson talks about our educational system and how we need to change it. If you’ve got a few minutes, check out both talks below.

Schools Kill Creativity

Bring on the Learning Revolution!

Interesting Lecture

I recently listened to an interesting lecture: BYU Professor Bill Bradshaw on a Biological Origin of Homosexuality. I recommend it to anyone interested in learning more on the subject, specifically from a Mormon point of view. It’s about an hour long, so save it for a long commute or road trip. Cheers.